BnaOmics is a comprehensive and multi-omics database for Brassica napus genetics discovery and crop improvement. It integrates omics data generated from 381 germplasms (from our lab) and 2504 germplasms (downloaded from public databases). BnaOmics includes:

  • different versions of genome assemblies and annotations of 18 germplasms (total of 26 genomes), including Darmor, Express617, Gangan, HTR001, Kale, Laurentian, Mendel, NY7, No2127, Quinta, Shengli, Tapidor, Westar, ZS11, ZS4-2, ZS9, ZY821, Zheyou7. For the details of source reference of each genome, users can refer to here.
  • genetic variations including single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), small insertions and deletions (InDels) and structure variations (SVs) generated from 381 and 2885 re-sequencing germplasms.
  • population gene expression of 219 accessions in shoot apical meristem (SAM) and silique tissues; gene expression in 1234 libraries and 9 different tissues under pan-genome context covering 3 distinct developmental stages during its life cycle, including callus, cotyledon, root, stem peel, leaf, bud, flower, silique, silique wall and seed.
  • trait values from 381 accessions.
  • the epigenome information, including DNA methylation, chromatin interaction and histone modification.

BnaOmics generated comprehensive functional annotations for each gene model in each genome assembly, and also provide useful tools for users to search, analyze and visualize all these data.